Improving access to medicine for millions of people.

  • S+ brings data and health providers online  

  • S+ provides insights to decision makers

  • S+ creates operational and financial pathways to self-reliance 




Here’s How:


To achieve data accessibility and inclusion, SIGNALYTIC is developing a set of integrated technologies to digitize medicine inventory information and network all system users. S+, our novel supply chain platform, creates powerful data to proactively respond to needs in the health system. S+ has been designed as a turn-key, low-cost solution, embracing emerging technologies for medicine management and transportation. Unlike other top-down management solutions, this platform serves health centres at all levels, most critically those at the periphery of the health system, independent from cellular connectivity and power.


S+ Combines:

  • setting-appropriate, digital inventory management

  • advancements in network connectivity for remote centres

  • automated and sustainable solutions like solar-powered drones for transportation of medicines

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