Our Mission:

More Life for Millions.

SIGNALYTIC is providing health data navigation where it’s needed most. We are creating new health care economies through real-time information systems that provide for the medical needs of health providers and their patients, in communities with scarce resources.


The truck is being loaded with medical supplies for delivery within the Mbale Health District.

The truck is being loaded with medical supplies for delivery within the Mbale Health District.

Who We Are:

Our beliefs inform our purpose.

At SIGNALYTIC we believe in…

  • Equal access to medicines

  • Smart, appropriate technologies for social good

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Solutions based on collaboration

  • Autonomy through sustainable health economies


The Problem:

The Issue is Access.

People are suffering and dying because of poor access to life-saving medicines. When medicine or equipment run short in communities with inadequate resources, health providers must physically leave their patients and clinics, travel miles to get signed authorizations and retrieve the required medicine. In the case of a patient emergency, this process can be life-threatening.


3 Million People

…die in Africa alone, of treatable diseases every year.



$6 Trillion

…is lost to the economy due to preventable diseases.



$25 Billion

…worth of medicines are wasted in the global supply chain.



$30 Billion

…is spent on counterfeit medicine every year.

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The Solution:

The Answer is Information.

Where is the required medicine located? Is it in stock? Has it expired? When can it be delivered? And how?

Existing paper-based systems require an enormous number of personnel-hours.  And yet they still do not allow for preventative or reactive measures based on actual needs of health providers and patients.  Workable tools and infrastructure providing high quality, accurate and actionable medical information are vital to inform planning, policy, medical and business decisions.

Our S+ solution creates and provides transparent inventory data across a network of offices and clinics. This allows health providers to effortlessly source and access the medicines they require, enabling them to care for patients where and when needed.


S+ improves access to medicines for millions of people:

  • S+ brings data and health providers online 

  • S+ provides insights to decision makers

  • S+ creates operational and financial pathways to self-reliance 


S+ Implementation:

  1. Digital Interface (app) on purpose-built software, is created using human-centered design through collaboration with store managers and healthcare providers

  2. Network of solar powered micro-servers host Distributed Ledger Technology behind the inventory platform

  3. New healthcare and business opportunities result from connecting third-party service providers with the needs of newly digitized markets

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The Pilot Project:


Mbale District, Uganda

The SIGNALYTIC team is working along-side healthcare providers in the District of Mbale in Eastern Uganda. By bringing 42 public health facilities into a collaborative and iterative design process and sharing research and information, a new health care economy is emerging. We align with the broader efforts and policies at the national level, engaging stakeholders at the Ministries of Health and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), to ensure effective coordination and maximum benefit are achieved. This is a signal to the rest of Uganda and the world, that through new healthcare economies, we are creating a smarter, healthier and more sustainable future.

At a Health Centre Level IV, Nico talks with Health Providers about ways to improve and digitize the dispensing of medicines.

At a Health Centre Level IV, Nico talks with Health Providers about ways to improve and digitize the dispensing of medicines.


Make an Impact.

We have a solution. The next step is collaboration.

Together, we can make sure that health providers are confident in their ability to properly care for their patients and communities, to heal the sick and save lives.

Whether you represent a branch of government, global health organization, third-party service provider or are an impact investor or developer – let’s talk.