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Nico Christofi, MD, CEO

With a Medical Degree from the Charles University in Prague, a Degree in Neuroscience from McGill University and a Certificate of International Health from the University of Copenhagen, Nico has been preparing to use his talents for good around the world, for a long time. Nico also has a background in development of medical technologies and has previously worked in medical innovations, focusing on development and evaluation of product clinical testing, analyzing and integrating novel scientific discoveries. Most recently Nico has been a Principal Investigator, researching the networks of medicine distribution in Eastern Uganda and has worked closely with the Health Workers and Health Administration of Mbale District, Uganda, co-designing high-tech solutions, directly addressing problems in their daily lived experience.

 “Very few existing programs actually consider the needs of the systems and people they’re servicing. Most adhere to mandates of external governments, resulting in unsustainable, barely functional programs that require outside funding to continue. We’re going straight to the users, asking what they want. Together we’re challenging the status quo that propagates inequality.”


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Bryan Plummer, MPA, COO

Bryan has spent the last twelve years implementing rigorous impact evaluations on innovative social programs. His expertise in large-scale project management and data-collection draws from a range of interventions with MIT’s Poverty Action Lab. These include micro-lending in India; programs for unemployed youth in South Africa; and coffee agronomy training in Rwanda. Bryan then worked on ex-combatant re-integration programs in Liberia, with the World Bank, followed by assessments for UNHCR in Chad and Kenya. These projects strengthened Bryan’s institutional understanding of key players in the development space and convinced him of the importance of collecting high quality, actionable data. Recently, Bryan conducted ‘first of its kind’ impact evaluations for the IRC, working with youth subjected to trauma and toxic stress in Niger, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone.

There is a changing tide in the development space, looking for more sustainable solutions and linkages with the private sector. Nico approached me with this opportunity as a social enterprise, to address to my growing skepticism of the traditional development model (grant-based and time-bound). My motivation and passion to tackle global problems enters a new and exciting phase. ”


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Willem Atsma, PhD, CTO

Willem, an engineer and a scientist, has spent the majority of his professional career inventing and developing medical devices. His extensive expertise covers electrical and mechanical engineering, embedded software systems, machine learning, systems and requirement engineering. In addition, he has formal training in the fields of human anatomy and physiology, knowledge he put into practice during product development. Willem has years of experience interacting with clinical professionals, developing a deep understanding of the complexities of healthcare delivery. He leads by example and sees his role as that of facilitator, providing a structure that allows all his colleagues and partners to reach their full potential. And he is committed to contributing to social good through his work. Willem is happiest working hands-on, in the lab, at the workbench.

“There is an opportunity to improve availability of drugs and medical supplies, by creating a self-sufficient network infrastructure that can serve remote health clinics. Infrastructure does not exist. In many places there’s no reliable electricity and spotty cellular networking. For some end-users, this will be their first computer-based interface and the design language in our software tools is unfamiliar. Given all this, the opportunity to do something good is clear. I’m all in.”


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