Your Impact:

As a Third-Party Service Provider.

As a third-party service provider, if your innovation requires current, consistent, accurate, real-time data related to logistics, insurance or patients to support the healthcare system – then you are a perfect SIGNALYTIC partner.

 S+ is an infrastructure and platform system that helps monitor stock levels, current consumption rates and expiration dates to take immediate action when necessary. We gather and provide crucial information in real-time:

  • The location of specific medicines

  • The identity of medicines in stock 

  • The expiration dates of each medicine

  • The origin and properties of each medicine


If you’re a transportation service provider, motorcycle-taxi delivery or drone company:

Right now, medicine is often moved by health providers, who drive to obtain a requisition and then source and transport the medicine or equipment themselves.

In the new health economy, with controlled, secure plug-in access, you can leverage our platform, infrastructure and information to transport, deliver or replace medicine and equipment, when and where it needs to go, while building a sustainable business, and addressing medical challenges to save people’s lives.

If you’re an insurance company:

Right now, patients – your clients – travel, often very long distances, to a public dispensary to fill prescriptions.

In the new health economy, we provide controlled, secure plug-in access so you can leverage our platform, infrastructure, which stores blockchain encrypted data and communicates transactional information. This means you can use our platform to give your clients access to insurance and the ability to fill e-prescriptions from their health providers at more accessible private pharmacies.

If you’re a pharmaceutical company:

Right now, no accurate system exists to record/report the location, identity or expiration date of stocked medicine.

In this new health economy, with controlled, secure plug-in access, you can leverage the S+ platform, infrastructure and information to:

  • Analyze the stock level at specific locations

  • See when stock is nearing its expiry date

  • Use data on current consumption to help forecast demands on your production line

  • Be prepared for precisely what specific medicines will be needed, and when

  • Provide services to help improve pharmacists’ ability to dispense medicine

You’ll help prevent shortages and stock-outs, supporting health providers and saving people’s lives.


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