More Life for Millions.


Our Mission.

Our mission is to create new health care economies through real-time information systems. Our S+ systems provide for the medical needs of health providers and their patients, in communities with scarce resources. This means more life for millions of people.

Left: Nico and Bryan meet with a team of Health Providers in Mbale District, Uganda.



Our Vision.

We see, in this moment in time, an extraordinary opportunity to prevent suffering and death by creating a healthier, smarter, more efficient and equitable world. We will rise to the challenge by adhering to and sharing our fundamental beliefs:


Equal access to medicines

We believe in a world where suffering and death is prevented because everyone has access to medicines, no matter who or where they are.


Smart, appropriate technologies for social good

We believe integrating technologies can and will solve the worlds’ most challenging problems.

Data-driven decision making

We believe access to high-quality, accurate, real-time data can and will lead to more informed decisions, creating real change.


Solutions based on collaboration

We believe that only by collaborating with each community, can we develop solutions as unique and specific as the challenges they face.

Autonomy through sustainable health economies

We believe in creating opportunities for communities to prosper by developing sustainable systems that lead to self-reliance.

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Our Promise.

We will lead a digital revolution, creating healthcare systems that work for all people – we’ll do this by keeping our word.

We promise to:

  • Ethically, inclusively and transparently contribute to the modernization and digitization of communities with limited infrastructure and scarce resources

  • Support these communities on their path to self-reliance

  • Use data to create reliable access to life-saving medicines wherever we are needed

  • Align with the broader efforts and policies at the national level

  • Share data to strengthen the global pharmaceutical supply chain

  • Provide insightful decision-making tools to the Canadian and International Healthcare Industry

  • Guide healthcare systems to a more sustainable future