Nico christofi, MD


Nico has a background in development of medical technologies and has previously worked in medical innovations focusing on development and evaluation of product clinical testing, analyzing and integrating novel scientific discoveries. Recently Nico has been a Principal Investigator researching the networks of medicines distribution in Eastern Uganda, and has worked closely with the Health Workers and Health Administration of Mbale District, Uganda co-designing high-tech solutions directly addressing problems in their daily lived experience.


Bryan plummer, MPA


Bryan has spent the last twelve years implementing cutting edge rigorous impact evaluations on innovative social programs across a range of low resource contexts. His expertise in large-scale project management and data collection draws from a range of interventions with MIT’s Poverty Action Lab such as micro-lending in India, unemployed youth programs in South Africa and coffee agronomy training in Rwanda. His work on ex-combatant reintegration programs in Liberia with the World Bank and several assessment for the UNHCR in Chad and Kenya have further strengthened his institutional understanding of key players in the development space, along with the importance for collecting high quality actionable data. Bryan has most recently been coordinating education programming and a first of its kind rigorous impact evaluation for the International Rescue Committee for youth that have experienced trauma or toxic stress from their everyday environments in Niger, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone.

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Willem atsma, phd

Technical Lead

Willem was trained as an engineer and a scientist and has spent his professional career on the invention and development of medical devices. On the engineering side his domain expertise covers electrical and mechanical engineering, embedded software systems, machine learning, systems and requirement engineering. In addition he received formal training in the fields of human anatomy and physiology and put that knowledge into practice for product development. Willem has years of experience interacting with clinical professionals, and understands healthcare delivery. As a team leader Willem prefers to lead by example and sees his role as a facilitator, providing structure and allowing others to work and reach their full potential. You are also likely to find him working hands-on in the lab at the workbench.