Your Impact:

As an Impact Investor or Developer.

As an investor or developer focused on social impact and social good, you invest in businesses that are a positive force and create lasting change. Broadly-speaking, you understand supply chain, the flaws in the global health system and you want to back companies and platforms built on 4th industrial revolution principles and the Internet of Things to transform health economies and stimulate local markets. SIGNALYTIC is an investment in this new wave of technologies – in a new and sustainable future.

 S+ is an infrastructure and platform system that helps monitor stock levels, current consumption rates and expiration dates to take immediate action when necessary. We gather and provide crucial information in real-time:

  • The location of specific medicines

  • The identity of medicines in stock 

  • The expiration dates of each medicine

  • The origin and properties of each medicine

Right now, governments are telling us that traditional development models – injecting foreign funds and projects via grants into the community – are not efficient. More often than not the money runs out without an effective transition plan. There can be so many projects in development, that it becomes impossible for governments to track and monitor them all, let alone take them over and manage them.

Outpatient Ward indicators at a Health Centre Level III in Mbale District.

Outpatient Ward indicators at a Health Centre Level III in Mbale District.

In this new health economy, S+ offers an alternative, sustainable infrastructure, using smart technology, to track authentic medicines and provide supply that meets data-driven demand. Grounded in our research and experience with the systemic problems that health providers face in many developing nations, we are signalling the need for a new model in a new world.

 By financing the development of these systems and taking them to scale in developing countries, you are contributing to a sustainable future and the social good of communities around the globe.


Together we’ll:

  1. Create reliable access to life-saving medicine

  2. Strengthen the global pharmaceutical supply chain

  3. Increase health providers’ ability to heal the sick and save lives

That’s the SIGNALYTIC Effect.


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