S+ Difference:

We are small.

Your success is our success. Being small allows us to be flexible and adapt to our stakeholders’ needs and changing conditions, in any location. We ARE NOT a large health enterprise resource planning entity, relying on strong cloud and computing infrastructure. We DO NOT impose technologies that communities are not prepared for or do not need.

Social good is our priority.

We are focused on impact for social good. Our strength is building connections with customers and problem solving together in a horizontal structure. Unlike other top-down management solutions, this platform serves health centres at all levels, most critically those at the periphery of the health system, independent from cellular connectivity and power.

Community self-reliance is our goal.

Our product does what it says it does. We are truly designing a system to support communities on a path to self-reliance through opportunities like profit sharing. By providing the technological infrastructure for stakeholders to determine the services and technologies they want to use in the future, they are no longer reliant on the decisions of outsiders. And, we combine technologies that dramatically decrease the marginal costs of services, so these new economies are set up for a future which is aligned with their environmental and technological needs.

Collaboration is at our core.

We listen and engage. We’re building from the ground-up, we don’t assume to know the answers. Rather, we’re working with our stakeholders to come up with solutions together.

Sustainability means independence.

We’re tailored to smaller operations with few resources. Our tools are easy to learn and maintain and they cost less to operate. We’re committed to building a truly financially sustainable system that can support its users even when we leave. This is crucial to us.

Customers drive design.

Our infrastructure provides robust connectivity and networks between health centers and administrators. The solutions we design fit our stakeholders’ workflow and our goal is to make the technology “disappear” once implemented. We design our systems to be seamless, easy to use and appropriate to the communities we serve.

Security instills confidence.

Data security is baked into our S+ platforms, which can withstand power-outages for more than five days at a facility. They can maintain functionality and provide service for the end user even if disconnected from the network. A central server, which can be unreliable and unstable, is not required. If accessed and tampered with, any false data is rejected automatically. It’s virtually impossible to alter or inject transaction data. And information cannot be lost. Finally, we create a purpose-built client interface, including third-party providers. All are restricted to their own data.