Designing a system that works

Mbale District, Uganda


The team at SIGNALYTIC is working along side health care providers in the District of Mbale in eastern Uganda.

By bringing 42 public health facilities into a collaborative and iterative design process, we can signal to the rest of Uganda and the world, how the new health care economy is going to be.

Our 2018 collaborative research study with British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Sanyu Africa Research Institute sought to understand the current processes and procedures of stock management systems in Mbale district.

A design workshop in the town of Mbale in July 2018 allowed various stakeholders to design and contribute to an ideal Future State model that would take low-cost, high-impact technologies and create a robust, easy-to-use platform to ensure medicines are where they are needed, when they are needed.

We are currently going though various channels within the relevant Ugandan Ministries (ICT, Health, etc) before bringing our solution to life!