Your Impact:

As a Branch of Government.

Working in government, you see the healthcare challenges your communities face and results of lacking current, consistent, accurate data. Supporting the healthcare system and the people who need it, requires the ability to properly distribute and manage medicine stock, prevent stock-outs, and simplify the authorization and requisition process. We want to strengthen your health supply chain and infrastructure while increasing your independence.

 S+ is an infrastructure and platform system that helps monitor stock levels, current consumption rates and expiration dates to take immediate action when necessary. We gather and provide crucial information in real-time:

  • The location of specific medicines

  • The identity of medicines in stock 

  • The expiration dates of each medicine

  • The origin and properties of each medicine


That means immediate knowledge, prompt solutions, swift interventions and better planning.

Left: A typical Medicines Store at a Health Centre. Each inventory item is placed next to a paper “stock card” which must be updated to track its consumption.


You finance and implement the products and services required, sometimes with the support of an international implementation partner like USAID, DANIDA or the DFID.

Our team develops systems that lead to increased self-reliance by:

  1. Collaborating with users to provide solutions that are customizable

  2. Combining technologies that dramatically decrease the marginal costs of services, for a future that is in-line with environmental and technological needs

  3. Looking at options like profit sharing

  4. Providing the technological infrastructure for you to dictate the services and technologies you want, without needing decisions from outsiders

By financing a base platform for all users on a network to use and benefit from, you’ll be linking real-time data to:

  • A network of clinicians, health administrators and patients

  • Pharmaceutical and medical material suppliers for supply chain management

  • Third parties like insurers, logistical support and private pharmacies to provide important services


Together we’ll:

  1. Address your unique medical data challenges

  2. Make your healthcare spending go further

  3. Ultimately generate revenue

  4. Help more people

That’s the SIGNALYTIC Effect.


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